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Graduation Requirements


  • Humanities: 9 credits English, Social Studies (including US History and Civics) and World Language and fine or applied arts
  • STEM : 9 credits in Science, Math, Technology
  • Electives: 4 credits
  • Mastery-based Assessment: 1 credit

25 Credits Total

Students who plan to attend college should also take 2-3 years of a single world language as well as chemistry. For those students who seek acceptance to a competitive college or university, it is recommended that senior year include additional science and history courses.

Measurement of achievement of learner expectations are described under each department’s course descriptions. Students must demonstrate proficiency in math, science, reading, and writing as determined through district assessment.

The NHS Counseling Team

Chris Maclean Department Chair

Grade 9:  S-Z
Grade 10:  S-Z
Grade 11:  S-Z
Grades 12:  S-Z

Lauren Buchta

Grades 9:  A-D
Grade 10:  A-D
Grade 11:  A-D
Grade 12:  A-D

Gail DeFrancesco

Grades 9:  E-L
Grade 10:  E-K
Grade 11:   E-K
Grade 12:  E-K

Stephanie Gutierrez

Grade 9:  M-R
Grade 10:  L-R
Grade 11:  L-R
Grades 12:  L-R

Kathy Green

College & Career Resource Center (CCRC)

Diane Licata

Administrative Assistant

(203) 263-0253

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